Musing while I’m Walking…

Life is a journey. We all have unique paths or roads to traverse. But it’s not always a smooth ride. It gets bumpy at times. I have always wondered why can’t the road be smooth all the way till the end. Why should there be ups and downs in life? Why should I undergo trials and sufferings? When I’m down with depression I plead with the Lord to make my path a bit easier to walk and I doubt whether God listens to such prayers. And, I have seen that God never changes the path or gives a smoother one. But, He responds with more love and grace and does something better…..He changes me instead.

Such rough paths helps me to stop and analyse my life and enables me to have a completely different perspective of life. Suddenly there’s a closeness to Him that I’ve never known before. There’s always a newness and growth in my life whenever I come out of such dark periods. He showers me with His love and gives a lot more grace to tread the same old, rough and narrow path. I feel that with God’s love and grace we’ll be able to walk without falling in this journey called life.

I’ve been treading this rough path for the past few years and it has changed me for better. But the journey is far from over. There’s still a long way to go……….

While I’m on this journey…my only prayer is this:

Even if I have to tread an unknown terrain

Even if I have to cross a broken bridge

Even if I have to sail through a stormy sea

I will still follow You.


I dare not reason why

I dare not disobey

I’m just content to know

That Your LOVE is everlasting

And Your GRACE is never-ending.


– Martin.