Simply Trusting

Diana, Sharla and many other bloggers are meditating on the book of Proverbs for the month of February. Althought I couldn’t get myself involved fully, I thought I could get into the Proverbs ‘train’ occasionally and travel with them. So here I am.

I was blessed by the 5th & 6th verse of the 3rd chapter of Proverbs. It says:

“Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not your own understanding;

In all your ways acknowledge Him, and He will make your paths straight.”

When I read these verses, I was reminded of a story from my sunday school days.(many of you might have heard this before)

A mountain climber was climbing a very steep snowy monuntain. It was getting darker and the climbing got tougher. He was very tired and at one point he lost his balance and his feet slipped. He was now rolling down the mountain like a ball and was getting badly hurt because of the rocks that were on the way. Since it was dark he could not see anything and couldn’t hold on to anything strong that could stop him from falling. Suddenly, in that dim light, he saw a rope beside him and took hold of it. Inspite of holding the rope he couldn’t stop himself from falling down further but still he held on to it tightly. At last, to much of his relief, he came to a stop. But he found that he was now hanging in the mid-air supported only by the rope. By now he was badly hurt and was bleeding. He didn’t know what to do. Finally, realising that he had no other option, he cried unto God to somehow get him out of this. And God told him to take his hands off the rope that he was holding. He was shocked to hear it. It was like adding more fuel to the fire. He felt that it was the most foolish advice and he regreted asking God for help. He tried many ways to save himself but couldn’t and was finally dead.

The next morning, when another set of climbers came to that mountain, they were astonished to find a dead man hanging on to a rope that was only five feet above the ground. If only he had trusted God and took his hands off the rope, he would have had a very safe landing.

Trusting in God isn’t easy at all times. It’s a matter of choice. Sometimes trusting in God and obeying what He bids us to do may defy pure reason and seem illogical. We, finite beings with our limited perception, react to pressing circumstances around us and fail to see the big picture and with our finite minds we cannot comprehend the mind of an Infinite Being. So trusting and obeying God makes sense. Though we may not be able to see immediate results, but in the longer run it really pays off.

The most comforting truth is that He has already gone through this path and has carried this cross, so I would rather trust and follow Him who knows the way than lean on my own understanding. And in all my ways I will acknowledge Him and He will make my paths straight, however crooked they may be. Because of His unfailing love He will not forsake us and His amazing grace will take us to through any rough path. All we need to do is simply trust.


I do not ask thy way to understand,

My way to see;

Better in darkness just to grasp thy hand

And follow Thee.

– Minnie Lousie Haskins


  1. We are so honored to meet you Martin. This book of the bible is so full of wisdom and guidance for us that it is a blessing to have this special chance to read it with so many.

    Thank you for this wonderful post! God be with you! As the sun will soon rise on your day……may God give you discernment, wisdom, & joy in it.


  2. Martin what a fantastic post. I love that story which you have quoted, it makes such perfect sense and it is true in our everyday lives, we rely on our flawed wisdom even when the Perfect One is willing to plan and guide us perfectly. Thanks so much for writing this!!


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