Fear and its remedy

How do negative thoughts seep into my mind?
Why do I envision only bad things?
Where does this thought of ‘something bad might happen’ originate?
Why is there a constant fear that bad things might happen to me?
Is fear a survival instinct? But it makes life so miserable.
Why is there a fear of people?
“What people might think about my actions/behaviour?”
“What people might think if I messed up?”
“Will I lose their respect/love?”
“Will I become unlovable?”
So much negativity and so much fear!
Maybe that’s why there are around 365 “Fear not” admonitions in the Bible.
Maybe it all started in the garden when Adam and Eve hid from God out of fear.
They feared that God would be displeased with them.
What a dreadful state!
Adam & Eve passed it onto us.
And now we fear all the time.
“What Ifs” dominate our thoughts and plans.
Fear clouds our thinking and chokes us with despair.
So we think negatively all the time.
And dream up negative things.
Maybe we just need to plug back into the source from which we came.
Maybe take God at this word and be fearless.
Maybe He has it all covered on His death on the cross.
A negative symbol of torture becoming a positive symbol of victory.
Maybe I should learn the positivity and fearlessness of Jesus.
Move away from Adam and move towards Jesus.
Move away from fear and move towards boldness.
Shed the negativity and put on the positivity.
Be transformed from being a lamb to becoming a lion.
But this I’ve realised, the survival instinct is not be fearful but to be fearless.

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