Beyond the Skies

Heaven must definitely be an awesome place. Its depiction by St.John in the 21st chapter of the Book of Revelations is really amazing. A place decorated with precious stones, surrounded by pearly gates and whose streets are of pure gold. But, I think, this is just a small imaginable glimpse of Heaven. God must be having loads of surprises when we get there. I think when it is seen in its entirety it will defy all imagination and description.

I think, in the sight of God, the six days creation of this world is just a paper cup that is crushed and thrown into the trash can. If this world, which was created to be destroyed later, could hold vast and deep mysteries which are still incomprehensible to man, how about a place which is going to last for eternity. Really wonderful… isn’t it?

“He will wipe every tear from their eyes. There will be no more death or mourning or crying or pain…”(Rev21.4) If at all we shed tears in Heaven, I think, it will be tears of joy. It’s just joy unspeakable and full of glory.

There’s one thing that I firmly believe. The initial salvation was by grace of God and not by our works. And also we live our lives each day by the grace of God. Even so, the final salvation is going to be by the grace of God. Of course, we need to follow and obey all the commandments of God….but it’s still by the grace of God that we’ll be entering Heaven. Remember the thief who said to Jesus at the cross:”….remember me when you come into your kingdom” and Jesus replied: “I tell you the truth, today you will be with me in paradise”(Luke23.42,43). It’s the grace that’s going to enable us to reach our destination. Thankfully, this GRACE is NEVER-ENDING and when we all get to heaven we’ll be able to truly appreciate why this GRACE is so AMAZING.

There is a beautiful song about Heaven sung by U2. “Where The Streets Have No Name” Enjoy the Video!


An Eternal Love Story

When I think about the love of God, three things come to my mind and I would like to share that here.

Firstly, God loved and chose us even before the creation of the earth(Eph1:4,5). He was rejoicing and took delight in mankind while the earth was being created(Prov8:30,31). It’s not something that is easily comprehensible but, it’s wonderful that we were born into this world being loved of God.

Secondly, when man fell because of sin, God sent His only beloved Son to die on the cross for our sins because He loved us. That divine love constrained Him to come down to the earth to save mankind (I John4:10). Otherwise we would have perished in our sins. He endured the cross because of the ‘joy’ that was set before Him(Heb12:2). The love that He had for you and me gave Him meaning to suffer and die on the cross.

Thirdly, He is preparing great mansions in Heaven so that we would be able to dwell with Him eternally to enjoy and rejoice in that love for eternity.

The love of God spans from ‘former’ eternity to the ‘latter’ eternity and continues forever. It’s so huge, vast, immeasurable, undescribable, unimaginable, incomprhensible. But it’s a fact.

So, what do I infer from this? From the day I was born till the day I reach home, every day of my life is completely covered by the love of God. Therefore I need not fear because perfect love casts away fear. When I’m guilty of sin, He forgives because of his love and helps me to live better. When I fall down, He lifts me up and gives me more grace to move forward. When I feel things are not going my way, He says that He loves me and has got better plans. When I call to Him in need, He answers and provides out of His love.

His divine love does not change. It’s an eternal love. When we all get to heaven and look back on our lives….it will be the greatest love story we have ever known.